Why Is My Ductless Mini-Split So Loud in Leonardtown, MD?

Ductless mini-splits are among the quietest systems available for homeowners. Occasionally, a faulty ductless mini-split system may make some noises. Below, we will discuss some ductless noises and what they mean in your Leonardtown, MD home.


Wear and tear can make some components loosen. These loose components collide with other parts, causing a banging sound.

If the noise continues for an extended period, extensive damage to the system’s components can occur. Therefore, you should schedule repair services as soon as you hear any unusual or banging noises.

Hissing and Gurgling

Your ductless mini-split brings in heat during winter and disposes of heat during summer with the help of a fluid called refrigerant. The fluid circulates in the refrigerant lines. If the lines have small holes, they allow the high-pressure fluid to leak, causing a hissing noise.

A gurgling noise is another sign of damaged refrigerant lines. The noise shows that the refrigerant lines allow air to enter and mix with the fluid.

A hissing or whistling noise may also occur when your system tries to draw air through a dirty filter. To address this noise, change your air filter or have your refrigerant lines inspected.


The cover panel protecting the outdoor unit’s components can become loose. As the ductless system works, the panel may produce a rattling noise. Loose components in your system can also make this noise.


You may hear a buzzing noise when your ductless mini-split’s electrical components malfunction. Never attempt DIY repairs on your ductless system’s electrical parts, as they can harm you.


While it’s normal for your system to click every time it turns on and off, continuous clicking sounds are worrisome. The sounds may suggest your capacitor is defective.

It can be difficult to tell what the underlying problem is by just listening to the noises. To have the issues addressed, call our experts at Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning for quality ductless AC services in Leonardtown, MD.

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