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Why Is My California, MD Furnace Making Banging Noises?

February 25, 2022

Some sounds from your California, MD, furnace are quite normal, especially as your system ages. However, if you hear any loud sounds, especially a banging, you’ll want to investigate to determine if it’s a serious problem. Consider these causes of furnace banging to see if you need to take further action.

Ductwork Expansion

When the hot air from your furnace hits the cold metal of your ducts, they’ll expand rapidly. Rapid expansion leads to them producing a kind of banging sound.

This is nothing to be overly concerned with, but it can be annoying. When your furnace starts cycling on, try to find a section of the ductwork that you can observe. If this is the issue, you may actually see the ducts moving in and out slightly.

Issues with the Ignition System

The ignition is responsible for lighting the fuel coming into your furnace. If this isn’t functioning correctly, the system may trap a small amount of fuel in the burn chamber.

When that small amount of fuel ignites, it creates a small explosion, causing anything from a small pop to a house-shaking bang. This is a dangerous situation, and you should resolve it by contacting a furnace repair technician immediately.

Dirty Burners

Dirty burners can often act like a faulty ignition system. If they’re dirty enough, they’ll restrict the amount of fuel coming out, potentially preventing it from igniting. Just like the ignition system, this can cause a build-up of fuel in the chamber, leading to an explosion.

Preventing Banging Sounds

Most of the problems that lead to dangerous banging from your furnace come from dirty components. This happens because carbon builds up in the system, requiring periodic cleaning.

That cleaning is a key part of what a professional does during an annual maintenance visit. Additionally, they look for faulty ignition parts that may lead to ignition issues, preventing dangerous explosions. Call to schedule your furnace maintenance with the professionals at Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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