Why Did My Thermostat Screen Go Blank in Leonardtown, MD?

A smart thermostat coordinates and controls your HVAC system, and its screen displays a great deal of useful information. Leonardtown, MD residents may feel confused to see their thermostat’s screen go blank and will understandably want to know why this would happen. Here are a few likely explanations for why your thermostat’s screen has switched off.

Dead Batteries

Let us mention the most probable explanation first. Maybe the batteries need to be replaced. The solution here is as simple as the problem — replace the old batteries with new ones.

Safety Switch Reaction

HVAC systems have a few different safety switches. For example, the AC float switch monitors the level of water in your condensate pan, and the limit switch turns on your furnace’s blowers after the unit’s interior reaches the proper level of heat. The compressor also has its own safety switch, and the circuit breaker operates as a safety switch against electrical power surges.

Once any of these switches activate, power will shut off to your entire HVAC system, which will wipe out your thermostat’s screen. If any of these switches trip when they aren’t supposed to, you should schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician for either repair or maintenance services. This should resolve the underlying issues and restore normal functioning.

Excessively Old Thermostat

Finally, your thermostat may simply be too old to continue doing its work reliably. If your device is more than about 10 years old, this is the most probable explanation for why it has suddenly turned blank. If it has new batteries and all of your electrical wiring seems to be fine, you might just need a new thermostat.

An abruptly blank thermostat screen is an annoying problem but not an insurmountable one. Just call Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning and request thermostat-related services near Leonardtown, MD, and we’ll take care of things for you.

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