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Where Should I Have My Thermostat Positioned in Lusby, MD?

February 24, 2023

Finding the right spot for your thermostat is important because it sends a signal to your HVAC system based on the nearby temperature. You want to choose a spot that detects the average temperature of your home. Here’s how to choose the right spot in your Lusby, MD, home for your thermostat.

High-Traffic Area

The best spot for your thermostat is in or close to a high-traffic area of your home such as your living room. Make sure that there aren’t any large objects such as furniture that can get in its way. If you choose a smart thermostat, ensure that it’s within range of your Wi-Fi router.

Away From Windows

Look for a spot that is away from any windows and doors. The direct sunlight that comes through the windows can reach the control and make it feel as though the room is hot, which keeps your furnace from running. On hot days, it can make the thermostat think your home is too hot and cause your AC to run longer than it should.

Safe Distance From Your Kitchen

Always place your thermostat at a safe distance from your kitchen, especially if you cook a lot. Your appliances produce a lot of heat, which can reach it and make it register a higher temperature. If you open your refrigerator or freezer multiple times a day, the cold that comes out can also affect it, if it’s too close.

Avoid Exterior Walls

Always avoid exterior walls as the temperatures in Lusby, MD, can seep through them and interfere with your thermostat. This can make your AC or furnace work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when you don’t need either one.

Get help finding the right spot for your thermostat and install one that works with your home today. The best spots are away from interior walls and direct sunlight and spots that are a safe distance from your kitchen. Call Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning when you decide that a new thermostat would benefit your home.

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