5 Reasons Why Your AC May Overheat in Leonardtown, MD

When temperatures are still high, it’s important that your air conditioner can keep your home cool, comfortable, and safe. However, air conditioners often overheat for a variety of reasons. Find out why your AC may overheat in Leonardtown, MD.

1. Clogged Air Filters

A clogged, dirty air filter makes reaching the desired temperature harder for your AC. Because of this extra work, it can overheat. Replacing air filters is an important part of regular maintenance to keep airflow at its best and keep your AC from working harder than normal.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are a key part of how your AC removes heat. When dirt, dust and grime build up on these coils, they can’t release that heat, which makes the system overheat.

3. Refrigerant Issues

Low refrigerant can throw off the cooling cycle so your home doesn’t get rid of enough heat. As your air conditioner tries to cool the air, it can work too hard and get too hot.

4. Electrical Problems

Your air conditioner can overheat if it has faulty electrical connections or parts that aren’t working properly. You can avoid such problems by investing in professional AC maintenance.

5. Poor Airflow

If the vent registers in your home are blocked by furniture or are closed off, the system will work harder than necessary to push cool air throughout your home. This added level of stress often results in systems overheating.

Our team understands how important it is for an indoor space to be cool and relaxing. By taking care of these common problems, you can keep your AC running well and avoid the pain of it overheating. Contact Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out more about AC repair and to make sure your HVAC system lasts as long as possible.

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