4 Signs Your Heat Pump Isn’t Efficient in Mechanicsville, MD

Your heat pump should be running at a certain performance level, and if it’s not, you’ll want to get repairs for it before another winter arrives in Mechanicsville, MD. Below, we will discuss four signs that your heat pump isn’t working efficiently.

1. Short-Cycling Heat Pump

Maybe your heat pump shuts down before it cycles for the typical 10 to 15 minutes. Moreover, it may not be reaching your desired temperature. There are several possible reasons.

One is that your system may be overheating and shutting down as a safety precaution. Dirt build-up and airflow obstructions are the usual culprits. The worst-case scenario is that your heat pump is too big for your home; in such a case, you can only replace it.

2. Lukewarm Air

If the air that blows out is lukewarm, the compressor outside and the condenser coil may have a problem. If you notice that only certain rooms are lukewarm, the trouble may lie in the ductwork with a possible leak. Maintenance could alert you to these early on.

3. Abnormal Noises

If your system clicks, rattles, bangs or hisses while going through a cycle, it’s telling you something is wrong. It could be as minor as a loose part, or it could mean something major and potentially harmful, like a refrigerant leak.

4. A High Monthly Bill

Unless you experience some colder-than-normal days, your energy bill should remain consistent. A spike in your monthly bill may mean something is straining the system to reach the set temperature.

We’ve been serving homeowners since 1970, and we back everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll get the professional work of NATE-certified technicians and the warm care of a family company. If you live in Mechanicsville, MD, call Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning today for a heat pump inspection and repair.

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