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3 Ways Summer Heat Can Hurt Your Leonardtown, MD AC System

August 19, 2020

While HVAC units are designed to withstand high temperatures, they can break down or have issues when the Maryland summer heat hits, if not taken care of properly. Keep your eye on these three common complications to prevent the scorching summer sun from hurting the components of your Leonardtown, MD AC system.

Battling Humidity

Maryland’s water-laden air feels hotter than it actually is with its average relative humidity of 68.8%. Air conditioners must work overtime to pump out moisture and heat when the inside humidity rises above 50%. This puts a heavy strain on your system, causing components to breakdown prematurely and degrading the overall lifespan. It also raises your summer cooling bill without actually lowering the inside temperature. Regularly check the condensate drain pan, which catches water overflow, to prevent damage to the HVAC system. A standalone or whole-house dehumidifier excels at pulling excess moisture from your home.

Degrading Efficiency in the Summer Heat

As temperatures rise, the AC system works harder to keep your home cooler. A unit that runs all day and night needs regular attention to preserve its efficiency. Along with keeping the air filter clean, sealing drafts, using solar shade screens, adding thermal curtains and adjusting ceiling fans to slowly turn counterclockwise blocks the worst of the heat. Seasonal maintenance from an HVAC professional also ensures degrading components, failing fan motors and dirty coils that can overheat in the sizzling sun don’t impact the efficiency of your AC system.

Restricting Airflow

Extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can degrade HVAC components, creating cracks in ducts, leaks in seals and overheating in fan motors. Balanced airflow improves circulation, which increases the performance of the AC system. Sun-facing homes typically have hot spots in the late afternoon. Strategic adjustments to the register dampers help balance the air circulation. Partially close the vents in cooler spaces to redirect more air to the warmer rooms. Air deflectors are also helpful in increasing air circulation.

As certified Trane Comfort Specialists, Hancock Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning can help you beat the Maryland summer heat while keeping your AC system running efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our air conditioner repair services, seasonal maintenance plans or energy-efficient Trane products.

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