3 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution in Broomes Island, MD

Indoor air pollution is a problem that is easy to overlook, but it may impact your day-to-day life in numerous ways. After occurring in your home, air pollution can cause breathing problems, allergic symptoms, reduced sleep quality and other health issues. Here are three sources of indoor air pollution in Broomes Island, MD.

1. Cooking

Each time you cook, your home’s air grows more polluted. Cooking with gas, for example, releases carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Opening the windows or doors while cooking with wood or charcoal on the patio introduces fine particles and a combination of gases into the home. The lowered indoor air quality impacts the respiratory system, causes eye and skin irritation and affects your household in other ways.

2. The Fireplace

On chilly days in Maryland, burning a fire in a fireplace brings warmth and enhances the home’s ambiance. However, burning wood also releases small particulate matter, and these particles are inhaled, along with a mixture of unhealthy gases, that increase in greater quantities in the confined space. A wood-burning stove produces the same unhealthy smoke; a smart option is upgrading to an EPA-certified stove.

3. Furniture

Paints and stains on wood furniture contain volatile organic compounds, which have both long-term and short-term effects on health. These chemicals are also in candles, cleaning products and some craft products. Formaldehyde and other off-gassing is common on pressed wood, new carpets, and other types of furniture.

These are only a few of the many causes of indoor air pollution. Your HVAC system helps filter out some of these particles, making it important to keep your system maintained properly. We also offer a variety of air quality products that can help keep you indoor air healthier to breathe. Contact Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning in Broomes Island, MD to schedule your indoor air quality and maintenance services today.

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