The Science Behind Programmable Thermostats in California, MD

Did you know that programmable thermostats can save money on your energy bill? You’re missing out on an ample opportunity if you’re not using one. Here is the science behind programmable thermostats and how they can help you save money in California, MD.

1. They Can Turn On and Off

Programmable thermostats save energy by turning the air conditioner on (or off) when you are not home. For example, if you go to work during the day and have the house continuing to cool, your energy bill will be higher than it would be if you used your programmable thermostat to automatically turn the temperature down when no one is at home. This is because your professionally installed programmable thermostat can be set to turn the AC on and off at certain times, so you are not using energy if you are not at home.

2. They Calculate Your Heating and Cooling Usage Patterns

Another energy-saving feature of programmable thermostats is their ability to calculate your temperature preferences throughout the day automatically. For example, if you prefer to heat your house up in the morning but cool it down at night, your programmable thermostat will take into account those different temperatures for the times when you are not home and run the AC. This is a scientific design that gives you peace of mind since it learns your schedule and operates automatically.

3. They Have a Design That Improves the Comfort

One of the main ways that programmable thermostats provide comfort is by having a built-in memory and time clock. This means that if you have your heat on for a certain amount of time, the thermostat will automatically turn it off until the temperature in your home reaches your desired setting, even if you forget to do so manually. This can help save you money if you use your HVAC system to heat or cool your home on regular basis.

4. They Reduce Fan Energy Use

Modern programmable thermostats come with a built-in energy monitor that will automatically turn on your AC when you are away, so that even if you forget to do it yourself, your thermostat will ensure your air conditioning system runs. At the same time, it will turn off the fan, so you don’t have to pay for the energy used to run something that the non-programmable thermostats cannot do.

5. They Can Reduce Your Utility Bills

Another great benefit of thermostats is that they are highly programmable. This tends to result in a more accurate monthly heating and cooling bill that you end up paying. By doing so, you reduce your energy consumption and save money overall.

6. They Have a Microcontroller With a Memory

A microcontroller is a small computer chip that keeps track of the temperature in your home so you can adjust it on a schedule. If you aren’t home, your thermostat will switch to a preprogrammed schedule to keep the temperature running at that set number. So, not only do you save energy, but your comfort level is also maintained using this feature.

If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home in California, MD, call Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning for services such as AC heating repair, tune-ups and installations. We’ve been providing homeowners with quality HVAC services for years, and our team of highly trained and certified technicians can help you choose the right programmable thermostat for your home.

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