7 Mistakes Homeowners Make With Heat Pumps in Lusby, MD

Spring in Lusby, MD features a variety of temperatures and weather, but you still need your home’s heat pump to keep everyone comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, you might also be making mistakes with your heat pump, and those errors can drive up your utility bills or hurt the heating system itself. Keep reading to learn about seven specific mistakes homeowners make with their heat pumps so you know what to avoid.

1. Going Easy on the Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer some of the highest efficiency levels of all heating options, but that only happens if you rely on them to heat or cool things as much as possible. Be sure to keep inside door open so the system’s distribution of air is even and balanced.

2. Leaving the Same Temperature When You Leave the Home

If you spend most of your days or weekends away from home, you shouldn’t leave your heat pump set to the same temperature you enjoy when staying inside your house. A programmable thermostat can modify settings based on your schedule and generate savings on your energy bills, as well as get your home back to your desired temperature before you return.

3. Trusting AUTO Mode

Spring weather can mean needing heating at certain times and cooling at other times, and AUTO mode might seem like an easy way to let the heat pump figure it all out for you. However, it might toggle back and forth between the two unnecessarily. Try to keep an eye on the weather reports so you know what days you need which, and then plan out your alternating heat pump settings on your near-future calendar.

4. Keeping Windows Unlocked

Some spring days are great times to have open windows, but your home’s heating installation needs you to remember to close them when it’s cooler outside. It would be best to lock them to tighten the seals and keep cold air from getting inside. Your heat pump works hard to fill your home with warm air, so don’t let any of it out unnecessarily.

5. Using the Lowest Fan Speed

Some facts about heat pumps seem counterintuitive, and one of them is how these machines work more efficiently with higher fan speeds than lower ones. A high fan speed might mean more air movement and ambient noise, but it can also make your heat pump work more efficiently. Discuss this with your technician. It’s also recommended to keep your fan on ‘AUTO’ on the thermostat for greater energy efficiency.

6. Closing Vents in Empty Rooms

Your home might have rooms with things in them but are rarely occupied by people, and you might wonder why you should heat those spaces. However, your ductwork and heating system should be properly sized for consistent heating throughout the home, and closing vents in certain rooms inevitably upsets that balance. Closing vents in unoccupied rooms can lower your system efficiency, even if that’s the opposite of your intention for doing so. An alternative solution is to set up zones with dampers in your ductwork.

7. Neglecting Maintenance

You can make the mistake of neglecting maintenance on any part of your home, but that doesn’t minimize the importance of maintenance for your heat pump or anything else. Check the user manual for cleaning schedules and when to replace filters, and keep your outdoor compressor clear of debris. Look up the professional service cycle for your heat pump, and arrange for professionals to visit that often.

Managing your heat pump properly might lower your utility bills and help the system last longer, but making certain mistakes can accomplish the opposite. Fortunately, industry technicians have the expertise to get everything right for your family. Contact Hancock Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning for all your home’s heat pump services and needs.

Image provided by iStock

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